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Best Place For Rehoboth Beach Weddings
And Receptions?

Rehoboth Beach Weddings can be so beautiful. Imagine getting married right on the beach with the sun shining and the waves crashing...

Heart in the sand

Beach weddings are one of our favorite things to watch while we are in Rehoboth! This last summer, we were lucky enough to see an entire wedding from start to finish.

That's right. We were on our way back from walking the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk. As we were heading towards the entrance of the Henlopen Condominiums courtyard, we saw about a dozen young men dressed up in suits.

We looked down to the beach and saw the lovely white chairs set up. We were about to see a beautiful Rehoboth Beach wedding.

We quickly entered the Henlopen courtyard and sat on the benches overlooking the beach.

I can picture it now. That warm, sunny summer evening, as a beautiful wedding took place right on the warm sand.

The water was glistening and the waves were crashing. Completely romantic…

Then it hit us… the best place to get married in Rehoboth was right in front of us… on the beach! It's true... there is no better place to get married than on the actual sand right next to the water.

We had always viewed weddings in chapels and churches, but it turns out that more and more people are turning to beach weddings and destination weddings.

Yes, they can always be a bit pricey, but Rehoboth actually has some great venues which offer packages which cater from casual to formal weddings.

Hint: If you want to save even more money, there are tons of discount online. You can get normal wedding attire for half the price!

The Best Places To Have A Rehoboth Beach Wedding Reception?

The Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk houses the two ultimate places to have your wedding reception…

The Henlopen Hotel actually offers wedding receptions at their indoor, upper level restaurant. Salero. (Salero used to one of our favorite Rehoboth Beach Restaurants until it shut down and re-opened for special events only.)

Salero Rehoboth Beach

This place has beautiful ocean views up and down the coast of Rehoboth. You can literally see the beach a mile away in both directions. Not to mention that the inside is spacious and the service is over the top.

We truly think this is the best place to have your wedding reception. (And we know the food is absolutely phenomenal!)

Another great thing about Salero is that it's located in the Henlopen Hotel. That means all of your guests can stay in the same building as the reception. Any big drinkers out there? :-D

And there are different packages to choose from as well. I've even checked it out for myself! Yes, I have high hopes of getting married in Rehoboth... someday! ;-)

Another Option - The Boardwalk Plaza Hotel

Another wonderful place to consider is the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel. Doors down from the Henlopen, this hotel has a beautiful restaurant and facility.

Two words… top luxury! But that doesn't mean you have to go broke.

Luckily, the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel offers a few wedding packages to fit your budget. You can go anywhere from casual to formal.

The hotel itself is beautiful, almost like a old fashioned castle. Unique and beautiful.

I dream of getting married in the Boardwalk Plaza. It would almost be like a fairy tale come true.

More Top Rehoboth Beach Wedding Resources

We know getting married can be a big deal. And it can also be stressful... which is why we are including these other top resources for the perfect wedding in Rehoboth.

---> Need a cake for your wedding? Try Cake Break Bakery! They cater for special events and we truly believe they are the best Rehoboth Delaware Bakery you will find!

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