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Rehoboth Beach Tourism
Our Family's Favorites For Visiting Rehoboth!

Rehoboth Beach Tourism is on the rise again. It seems that more and more people are slowly discovering this beautiful place. Besides, it is one of the best beach vacations you will find on the East Coast!

The question we get asked the most is, "What is there to do at the best beach in Delaware?"

Well, if you think of Delaware alone, it can seem kind of boring! It's Rehoboth Beach and the Delaware beaches on the coastline that truly makes it special.

But if you aren't familiar with Rehoboth, you might miss out on some great attractions! This made us think a bit. Why not come up with our favorite Rehoboth Beach things to do and see?

And that's just what we have done!

Whether we are zooming around in these fun Scoot Coupe Cars...

Rehoboth Beach Scoot Coupe Rentals
Scoot Coupes In Rehoboth Beach

Or playing Rehoboth Beach Mini Golf at one of the many outdoor courses...

Best Mini Golf Courses In Rehoboth
Rehoboth Beach Golf

And of course, let's not forget the best Rehoboth Beach tourism attraction of all....

Best Part Of A Rehoboth Vacation...The Beach!
Rehoboth Vacation - the beach

There is truly something for everyone! That's why we love the wide variety of Rehoboth Beach Tourism options.

You don't ever have to worry about missing a great Rehoboth attraction again. We've listed the best and the greatest! (Along with our own personal stories and reviews.)

Strolling The Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk
One of our favorite attractions! We always walk the boardwalk every night we are in Rehoboth. Between Funland, tasty beach food and shops, this is one of the top attractions in Rehoboth!

Visit Funland
Games, rides and family fun for everyone.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 4th Of July Fireworks
Best display on all the Delaware Beaches! If there is a Rehoboth Beach Tourism event we love most, it's the fireworks!

Tubs Of Thrashers French Fries
Don't miss the BEST french fries in Rehoboth Beach!

Rehoboth Bandstand Music
Gather by the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk and hear a variety of different bands for free!

The Luxury Rehoboth Country Club
Our Family discovered the Rehoboth Beach Country Club a few years back. True luxury at it's best... find out how we had a chance to get inside for a night or two!

Check Out The Water Parks
Rehoboth isn't known for it's water parks, but there are a few worth checking out!
Jungle Jim's has go-karts and mini golf, plus huge water slides that you can see when you're driving into Rehoboth! (On Coastal Highway) It even has a lazy river and wave pool.
There's also White Water Mountain which has tubes and flumes. There's also mini-golf and go-karts.

Best Rehoboth Beach Mini Golf Courses
Best mini golf courses in Rehoboth? Find out what we love & recommend for any vacationer who wants to play Rehoboth Beach golf.

Stop At The Fractured Prune
Best donut shop in all of Rehoboth!

Rehoboth Beach Rentals - Bikes, Scoot Coupes And Mopeds
You can't possibly go to Rehoboth without renting bikes or mopeds.

Discover New Rehoboth, Delaware Books And Bookstores
Rehoboth Beach Delaware books are not always easy to find. But if you do happen to stumble upon one of these gems, you are in for a real treat

Take A Ride On The Jolly Trolley
Looking for a fun ride around Rehoboth? Take the Jolly Trolley around town in Rehoboth. With stops every so often, you can shop and explore the area. You can even take the trolley to Dewey Beach, Rehoboth's neighbor!

Rainy Day? Try The Midway Movies!
Sometimes it rains at the beach. If you don't want to check out the Rehoboth outlets, you can check out the major movie theatre in Rehoboth Beach! Movies at Midway constantly has a ton of movies playing. (29 Midway Shopping Center on Coastal Highway/Route 1)

Check Out The Rehoboth Beach Museum
Take a look at Rehoboth Beach tourism the way it was decades ago! Vintage post cards, old hotels, photographs and more. (511 Rehoboth Avenue)

Take A Ride On The Cape Water Taxi! (NEW - 2014!)
The Cape Water Taxi and tours go through Lewes, Dewey, Long Neck and will soon be arriving in Rehoboth! Try a sunset cruise or eco tour. :-)

Visit Rehoboth Beach Delaware Art Galleries
There are tons in Rehoboth... and this small beach town is best known for it's art!

Visit Rehoboth Avenue
The ultimate place for shopping, snacks and dining!

Rehoboth Shopping
Explore some of the best shopping that Rehoboth has to offer! Between the Rehoboth Beach outlet stores and Rehoboth Avenue shops, you won't be disappointed!

Visit The Sea Shell Shop
Our favorite beach themed store!

Midway Speedway Go-Karts
Looking for go-karting? Try Midway Speedway! (Midway Shopping Center - Route 1 North)
There's also Fire Mountain Mini-Golf & a waterpark!

Delaware County Golf Courses
Rehoboth is minutes away from many beautiful golf courses! Find out where to find these hidden gems.

Rehoboth Beach Breaking News
Check out some of our latest Rehoboth News and discoveries. (Such as information on the Hurricanes that hit and destroyed the beach.)

Top 10 Must-Do's On A Rehoboth Beach Vacation
Here for a limited time? Check out our top 10 must-do's you don't want to miss!

See all the cool things to do and check out? Rehoboth Beach Tourism is truly special. :)

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