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Exploring The Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk

The Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk is our Family's favorite place for food, shopping and nightlife. Ahh, I can almost smell the aroma of Thrashers French Fries. There is truly nowhere else I'd rather be.

If you are going to come to Rehoboth Beach, you can't miss going to this magical place!

The boardwalk isn't as big as other ones, such as the Ocean City MD Boardwalk. But it is a mile long from tip to tip. And it's more tailored to Families!

The very beginning and end of the boardwalk is quiet.

Here is a shot of the North side from the Boardwalk Condos where we stay. (Henlopen Condos, Rehoboth)

Rehoboth Beach boardwalk view at dusk

You can see one of the Rehoboth Beach oceanfront hotels in the distance.

And here is a shot of the very end of the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk on the South side.

Rehoboth boardwalk from the south side

As you can see, there's not much action on the very North and South tips. It's pretty quiet at night.

Our Family friend lives in one of the beautiful houses on this stretch. We usually visit them once or twice on our trip.

You can see the beach right out of their screened patio. Not to mention that you can hear the waves crashing. :)

But don't let all this quietness fool you. If you walk down two or more blocks towards the center, the boardwalk becomes alive!

You will eventually hit happy Families and lots of noise! :-)

It can get pretty packed, and there's so much to do! Between places to eat, Rehoboth shops, mini golf, ice cream and carnival rides, you can't do it all in one night!

See our Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk video tour (From tip to tip!)

Best Place To Exercise? The Boardwalk On The Beach!

The best place to exercise in Rehoboth? You guessed it! The Rehoboth Beach boardwalk.

So many people run, walk, and even bike in the early morning hours. Did you see my Rehoboth Beach Sunrise photos?

The beach is beautiful and the ocean glimmers with sunshine. It's a good idea to go before 10 A.M. though. Why?

1) It starts to get pretty hot with that sun beaming down after that time
2) More people tend to come out after the early morning hours
3) You can only ride bikes before 10 A.M.

My Family always used to have a problem riding bikes that early. Why? Nobody wanted to get up earlier than 9 in the morning!

But they really enforce that rule. So if you want to bike the boardwalk, (highly recommended) try to get there around 9:00ish. This will give you enough time to ride it fully.

Boardwalk Food

The best part of the boardwalk is the amazing snacks and food. Between cotton candy, french fries, ice cream and more, you can definitely gain some pounds if you aren't careful!

I remember being down on the hot beach with my Sister. We would be craving a snack, so I'd always get tubs of Thrasher's French Fries. Yes, they are absolutely amazing!

You'll definitely catch me with a tub of these on the beach! Check out our other top boardwalk food and restaurants in Rehoboth Beach right on the boardwalk!

Funland And The Arcade Games

When afternoon and night comes, Funland on the boardwalk is a great place to visit! There are arcade games, amusement rides and our favorite game, whac-a-mole!

It took us years to get the hang of Whac A Mole! Someone would always beat us. But the past few years, I've caught up.

Playing whac a mole in Rehoboth Beach

There's my Sister and I in Funland on the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk. We look pretty intense! :-)

And who can forget one of the best rides in Funland? The Haunted Mansion!

The Haunted Mansion has been around for a while, and it keeps getting better. We also love riding it every summer to see the spooky changes they have made year to year. It's one of our favorite Rehoboth Beach funland rides!

There is always a superb addition which freaks us out. My Sister and I usually have no voice when we come off of this ride!

Other Fun Boardwalk Stuff - The Rehoboth Beach Bandstand

If you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, the Rehoboth Bandstand is the place. With live local music throughout the summer, this is usually where the adults flock!

The bandstand is located right on Rehoboth Avenue, off the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk. And this is another VERY popular spot.

This is a shot of Rehoboth Avenue with the bandstand gazebo to the left. Lots of people come to listen to the music! The performers are usually excellent.

View of Rehoboth Bandstand

The shows are about an hour and a half long and they usually start around 8 P.M. What a great way to spend your holiday in Rehoboth! (With the sunset in the background!)

There are also more cool shops down the avenue. Make sure you check out the Seashell Shop! (One of our favorites!)

The bandstand offers a number of shows throughout the summer. Most are on weekends, but some are even on weeknights!

So, the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk has many different things to do and see. It is truly the most hoppin' place in town.

If you are looking for music, food, and fun, head here. You won't be disappointed!

Be sure to also check out some of the best Rehoboth Beach mini golf on top of Ryan's Gems and Junk. This course is one of the cheapest, and it overlooks the beach and boardwalk! Open until 11 P.M. on summer nights, it is not one to miss!

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