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The Henlopen Condominiums In Rehoboth

The Henlopen Condominiums are one of the best places to stay in Rehoboth. These beautiful boardwalk condominiums are true gems. No wonder we continue to stay here year after year.

Between the beautiful ocean views and being steps away from the boardwalk and beach... this place is a real beauty!

We truly believe that staying in the Henlopen Condos truly beats even some of the nicest hotels in Rehoboth. And you're about to find out why. :)

Sorry Hotel Rehoboth and Boardwalk Plaza! We love you both... but the Henlopen have captured our hearts and minds!

Here are some of our best photos of the Henlopen Condominiums in Rehoboth. (As well as information about renting these beautiful gems.)

View Off Balcony From Henlopen CondominiumsView of Rehoboth Beach from the Henlopen condominiums

Henlopen Hotel And Condos - The Building

Why the Henlopen Condominiums? Why not the hotel side?

I've always wondered why my parents had chosen the Henlopen up until a few years ago. I surely wouldn't be asking that question now! :)

The condo side is still part of the Henlopen Hotel. The only difference is that it offers condo units rather than rooms.

The right side in the photo above contains the hotel rooms. You can tell by the blue "Henlopen Hotel" logo. The left side and middle contain the condos.

The condo side has 9 floors including a rooftop pool. And the pool has amazing views of Rehoboth!

I actually remember the year my Sister got stuck up on the roof.

She was trying to take the elevator to see the view one last time before we were leaving to go home.

I guess she got off the elevator but couldn't open the door to get outside. Unfortunately, the pool wasn't open yet, and the door leading to the roof area was locked.

(The room between the pool and elevator is enclosed. You can either go back in the elevator or open the door to the pool.)

The elevator door had already shut and moved. So she ended up getting stuck up there in that small room until the elevator came back up to get her. There were lots of people checking out that day, so the elevator was slllooowww!

Tip: Don't wait until the last minute to check out or go up to the pool in the Henlopen Condominiums. The luggage carts get taken and the elevator gets busy.

She was in a panic when she got back to the room. Face flushed, freaking out... she screams at me, "I couldn't get back down to the room! The elevator wouldn't come back up to the pool floor!"

I was trying not to laugh, but it was kind of amusing.

I can't blame her though! I guess it was hot up there too... and the room is pretty small!

It's also important to note that the hotel side of the Henlopen is separated from the condo side. So the elevator only takes you up and down the condos, not the hotel rooms.

We found this out the hard way. One night, my Sister and I tried to come in the hotel side and ride up to our floor. We ended up on the 7th floor of the hotel side, not the condo side. And there was no way to get back over...

You have to walk across the outside platform downstairs to reach the other side. But we are now able to tell you that the hotel side has just as many nice views as the condo side! :-)

Rehoboth Condominiums: Oceanview And Oceanfront?

You will be glad to know that many of the Henlopen condos have ocean views. And the ones that don't have beautiful lake views!

What about ocean front? Yup! They are there as well. We haven't been that lucky to check out an oceanfront condo! But we have stayed in an oceanview!

What's the difference? Oceanfront is right smack in front of the beach. You directly face the water.

Here is a shot of the henlopen condominiums and oceanfront Condos from the beach in Rehoboth DE.

Henlopen Hotel in Rehoboth DE - Shot from beach

See the rooms directly facing the beach? They might as well be on the beach at that point! We would love to see the views from these someday. It must be spectacular!

Other Ocean Views From The Roof And Above

If you think the view from your room is great, wait until you see this!

Here is a photo of Rehoboth Beach from the top of the Henlopen Hotel And Condo roof.

View off roof of Henlopen Hotel in Rehoboth Beach DE

Beautiful breezes, and a quiet atmosphere. I would sometimes turn my chair to face this way so I could stare at this view.

I would spend endless hours up here, just staring and listening. It really is perfect. We don't think there is any other hotel in Rehoboth offering a view like this.

You can even see part of the watch towers of the Cape Henlopen State Park in the distance.

And here are two more shots from above. On the left, you have a shot of the beach from the top of Salero at the Henlopen Hotel. (A restaurant which was amazing) On the right is a shot of the beach, close up, from our balcony.

View of beach from Salero Restaurant at the Henlopen Hotel   View of Rehoboth Beach Ocean from Henlopen Condos

Salero used to be a luxurious restaurant serving top notch dinners. They now only offer special events.

We used to love going to Salero and having their wonderful dinner.

Their dessert was amazing. And their entrees were even better. Tender filets of beef and scrumptious blue cheese wedge salads. Very disappointing that they now only offer food for special events. :(

Not to mention that the view was wonderful. I'm not sure which I liked better... the food or the view of the beach!

What About Inside The Henlopen Condos In Rehoboth?

The inside of Henlopen Condominiums? Two words... beach decor!

This is a shot of one of the shelves in the living room of our condo unit.

The cute little red fish, the photo frame of the beach sandal... and of course, the letters that spell out BEACH.

The entire unit had decor like this. It's what makes the Henlopen so special!

The owners really keep these condos clean and cute. If we owned a condo on the beach, we would do the same thing!

And in case you are wondering what the furniture looks like, here is a shot of the living room area.

Many of the Henlopen Condominiums have beachy decor. Even the chairs look beachy!

Henlopen Condo Chairs

These were my favorite chairs to fall asleep in! Especially after a day at the beach in the hot sun.

The leg rests were like bean bag chairs. But be careful. Once you sit down, it's really hard to get back up! ;-)

I have numerous photos of my Dad and Aunt collapsed in these chairs, snoozing. I think they would be pretty mad if I put them up! :-)

The balcony is another place to rest and take a snooze, especially at night. All you can hear are the waves crashing... it gets pretty quiet!

And during the day, you can have beautiful beach views like this one.

Henlopen Hotel Condo ViewView from balcony of Henlopen Condos

See a video walkthrough of the Henlopen Condos!

Other Henlopen Condominium Info And Pics

You usually have to rent condos Saturday to Saturday or Friday to Friday. They are weekly rentals only...

The pricing runs anywhere from $1,700 a week to over $5,000 for oceanfront! A little pricey, but totally worth the stay and location!

For a small charge, you can choose to have linens delivered for the week as well. (Or bring your own.)

Here's a shot of us waving from the Rehoboth condos. Our unit had a bedroom which stretched around the side of the building...

So we got my Sister to go and take a photo of us from the bedroom balcony.

Waving from the balcony of the Henlopen Condominiums

And just so you can get an idea of how close the condo is to the beach... Here is a shot of the Henlopen Hotel platform leading to the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk.

You take the elevator right down to the platform, walk out the door, and follow this path down the stairs. It leads right to the beach!

The Henlopen Hotel Condos are real gems, and we have been luck enough to stay here the past couple of years.

If you have ever been thinking of trying the Henlopen condominiums, we highly recommend it. Condos are a great alternative to staying in a hotel. And they can even be cheaper for a week stay!

Not to mention you have a kitchen, 1-2 bathrooms, living area and bedrooms. They are quite bigger than hotel rooms.

And the beautiful views are worth it! :)

Check out my video shot from the roof of the Henlopen!

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