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Best Delaware Radio Stations

You will be glad to know that Delaware Radio Stations are all over the Delaware Beach area.

Whether you're stuck in traffic or just trying to find a parking spot, the radio is always a good thing to have!

So what are the top radio stations on the Delaware Beaches? You're about to find out! From talk radio to country to the latest hits, we have you covered.

We're going to start out with our number one favorite and most obvious... Rehoboth Beach radio!

92.7 FM, WGMD - The Talk of Delmarva In Rehoboth Beach, DE

Can you believe this is one of the only stations broadcasting out of Rehoboth Beach? It does play quite a variety of music and you can always count on it for the latest going on in the beach area.

Next time you're stuck in traffic, crank it up and you'll see what we mean.

92.7 is special in itself since it's currently the only station broadcasting out of the beach in Rehoboth. But that doesn't mean there aren't other stations coming in strong!

Other Delaware Radio Stations At The Beach

92.1 FM, WLBW - The Wave - Oldies fan? My parent's generation will love this! Broadcasting from Fenwick Island, Delaware, this station plays nothing but oldies all the time. (After taking many rides while listening to 92.1, you will learn that is an understatement.)

93.5 FM, WZBH - The Beach! - Rock, rock, and more rock! This station comes directly out of Georgetown, Delaware and we love it!

95.3 FM, WKDB - The top 40 hits broadcasting from Laurel, DE!

95.9 FM, WOSC - 96 Rock - Another great rock station coming out of Bethany Beach, Delaware!

98.1 FM, WOCM - Irie Radio - Broadcasts LIVE from Selbyville, DE and plays lots of alternative hits! (One of my favorite Delaware radio stations)

97.7 FM, WAFL - Eagle Radio - Delaware's best music broadcasting from Milford!

98.5 FM, WGBG - Big Rock Radio - Classic rock station broadcasted from Seaford, DE

101.3 FM, WNCL - Cool 1013 - Oldies broadcasted from Milford, DE

103.5 FM, WJNE - Adult Contemporary music live from Bethany Beach, DE

105.9 FM, WXJN - Country music straight from Lewes, DE

107.9 FM, WRBG - A wide variety of music for all ages straight from Millsboro, DE

AM Delaware Radio Stations?

Yes, they exist! Are there many? Not a chance...

Dad loves AM radio nomatter where we travel, so it's only fair to list the few AM Radio stations at the beach! (Most are Gospel, Spanish, Talk or News stations)

900 AM, WJWL - Georgetown, DE

930 AM, WYUS - Milford, DE

1600 AM, WKEN - Dover, DE

Other Stations Close To Delaware?

It's also important to note that Ocean City and Maryland have many stations you may be able to pick up in Rehoboth. (Southern New Jersey also has a few)

Next time you're in the area, try one of the Delaware radio stations listed above... or do what my Sister and I like to do! Throw your radio on scan and stop when it hits a song you love! :)

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