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Rehoboth isn't known for it's big selection of beach magazines... but Delaware Beach Life is one of few special ones out there.

We first stumbled upon this magazine in 2007, when we saw it sitting in the lobby of a hotel we were staying at.

As time went on, we started seeing it in magazine stands around the Delaware shore, and other stores in the area.

Never a big fan of magazines, we ignored it for a few years. It wasn't until 2010 that we caved and picked up our first issue.

From that day, we knew this was truly something unique.

Bright, glossy pages of beautiful beach scenery and fun stories were on each and every page. And they were all written by photographers and writers that live around the Delaware Beaches.

Delaware Beach Life Magazines

Each issue has surprised us again and again. Not only because of the entertaining content, but mostly because of the beautiful cover photos.

The editors and publishers of this magazine must be really special. They carry some wonderful talent, and truly know how to write the perfect beach magazine.

We love getting issues in the mail. It keeps us up to date on what's going on down near the Delaware Coastline. It's also great for those long, snowy winters.

In case you haven't experienced the magazine... Delaware Beach Life starts out every issue with a letter from the editor, Terry Plowman.

Turn the page and get ready for your first issue of Beach Life. You'll see everything from...

  • Features & Stories
  • Random facts on the Delaware Beaches!
  • Comments from subscribers
  • Funny beach stories, including fiction
  • Coastal Crossword puzzles
  • Fun beach ads
  • Events and news

And more!

You'll discover so many different places you never even heard about. (Like the time we saw an ad for beautiful Baywood Greens! Now it's one of our favorite close Delaware eateries!)

There's even a section called, "The Cottage Tour" where you'll be able to take a peek inside some of the most glamorous houses on the Delaware Beaches.

Each issue, an editor from the magazine visits one of those special houses on the Delaware shore. (A lot of them are in Rehoboth and a ton are newly built or remodeled.)

It's so easy to subscribe to this great magazine. It comes out 8 times a year, (March through December) and it's only $18. If you buy it at a magazine stand, it's around $4.00 an issue.

They also recently ran a 2 for 1 special. Pay for one subscription and send one to a friend for free!

We are currently die hard subscribers and plan to continue this way for years.

After I wrote this page, I received a e-mail from the Editor of the magazine. (Terry!) He told me to give him a call. I was excited!

I spoke with Terry and he was so happy that our family loved his Magazine. He told us how hard his staff works, year-round.

This is such a great option for people who love the Delaware shore. (Whether you live there or visit!)

Please check out this amazing Delaware Beach Life magazine. The editors spend so much time putting it together. For such a small price, it's totally worth it.

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