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Rehoboth Beach Delaware Art Galleries
Hidden Gems Around Each Corner

You will be glad to know there are quite a few Rehoboth Beach Delaware art galleries you can explore.

From the middle of Rehoboth Avenue, to Lake Avenue and beyond. Many are located right near the beach and action.

Rehoboth knows how to do it best. And many of the artists live right in the area, so they are always capturing beautiful scenes.

Which galleries and artists do we like the best? There are a few! (And you can also see a good list at the bottom of this page!)

I guess we can start with the absolute major gallery, school and league...

The Rehoboth Art League

If you are looking to brush up your skills, or just want to participate in art classes, the Rehoboth Beach Art League is a great place to start! My Aunt introduced me to this place last summer.

They have an extensive line of programs from oil painting to sketching to print making and more.

We have yet to try a class, but I am very interested in the pottery and water color class offerings. It's truly one of the best art galleries in Delaware. (And one of the best Delaware art schools!)

Address: 12 Dodds Lane, Henlopen Acres
Phone: 302-227-8408

Delaware Art Gallery

Another great beach themed gallery featuring photography! Yes, I said it... photography! :)

Stop by and check out Kevin Fleming's artistic work of this beautiful beach town.

Address: 239 Rehoboth Avenue
Phone: 302-227-4994

Wibergart Gallery

Beautiful gallery with marine, wildlife and landscape art. This is truly one of my favorite Rehoboth Delaware art galleries since the Artist is focused on water and the outdoors!

Address: 20 Baltimore Avenue
Phone: 302-226-0206

Thunderbird Gallery

Focusing specifically on Southwest Art, this gallery is filled with beautiful jewelry, wall art, lighting and accessories.

A lot of products are unique and always changing!

Address: 200 Rehoboth Avenue
Phone: 302-227-1900

Gallery 50

Intimate and contemporary art gallery focusing on young artists.

Address: 50-A Wilmington Avenue
Phone: 302-227-2050

Ocean Gallery

Ocean Gallery Rehoboth Beach

Featuring many artists and their beautiful works. (Even some celebrity artists!)

Address: 26 Wilmington Avenue
Phone: 302-226-9507




Philip Morton Gallery

Philip Morton Gallery Rehoboth

Beautiful and unique art you won't find anywhere else. I could spend an entire afternoon in this place!

Address: 47 Baltimore Avenue
Phone: 302-727-0905




More Delaware Art Galleries?

And there are a few galleries we haven't had the chance to visit. Here are some other ones in the area!

Heidi Lowe Gallery
Innovative Jewelry Studio
328 Rehoboth Avenue

Anita Paghini-Raber Gallery
49 Baltimore Avenue

Paintiques Gallery
20 Baltimore Avenue

20 Baltimore Avenue

Ward Ellinger gallery
39 Baltimore Avenue

Amandaline Gallery gallery
403 Rehoboth Avenue

Creative Impressions Art Gallery & Framing
176 Rehoboth Avenue

The Tideline Gallery
146 Rehoboth Avenue

Gallery Espresso
70 Rehoboth Avenue

Want to see even more Rehoboth Delaware art galleries?

Be sure to check out: www.MosaicRehoboth.com for more information, including a list of more top art galleries in Rehoboth and the area!

Note: You may also want to check out the Rehoboth Beach Museum. (511 Rehoboth Avenue) It has different exhibits of ancient artifacts and history.

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